You Need a Marketing Maestro. 

Have no marketing or a strategy that doesn't work?  I'll develop a new one.

Or, I will dive into what you have and give you an analysis on the state of your business, what your competitors are doing, uncover what is working, what's not, and suggestions to get better results based on your goals. 

Then I'm a hands-on implementer (I set up marketing automation, write content, design WordPress pages, collateral, design a trade show booth, manage events, and evaluate results). 

Potential customers want to hear what you can do for them.
What problems your organization solves.
Why choose your solution? 
They don't care about features and functionality,
they care about HOW that solves their problem(s).

Marketing has changed:   It's competing to get heard in the noise of information overload. 

Strategic (Smarter, not more $) Marketing Makes the Difference

To compete you have to ask the right questions.

★ What makes your company unique in the noise of your market? (What's your differentiator?)

★ Who is your customer? (Hint: Even if you are B2B it's a person.) Take a walk in their shoes.

★ What is in it for your customer? Why do business with you?  Shocker: It's not about your company, it is about your prospect/customer.  

★ What do you have to SAY as an organization that potential customers need to hear? 

★ Who are your competitors and how are they marketing? What are they doing that you should try?What do they do that isn't so great? 

Sound Familiar?

★ Are you "doing" marketing but don't know if it's working?

★ Do you have "gorgeous stuff" (website, brochure, etc.) that isn't getting you business?

★ Does your marketing seem to go into a vacuum?

★ Are you spending a ton on marketing and not getting results?

★ Are you really happy with your current marketing efforts?  

★ Why doesn't your social media marketing work IMMEDIATELY?

★ What about expanding your business? Where would you like it to be in five years?

Here's Affordable Marketing Help.

I call myself a Marketing Maestro. In truth I'm a marketing repair and creation specialist. 

★ Have no marketing? I'll formulate a plan and tactics.

★ Is your marketing not working? I will evaluate what exists and is or isn't working, strategize, plan, and fix it.  

★ Bonus - You don't need to hire someone else to do all the work after I plan: I am both hands-on and a delegate-r as needed.   

★ And my fees?  Retainer? Sure. By project flat rate? Okay. Hourly? I do that too. Full time: Catch me if you can. Plus, I don't need benefits! 

You get a great marketer with experience at less cost/investment.  

And I've done it all, many times.

Here are just a few client comments. 

"This was eye-opening."
"Just. Wow."
"I can't believe the difference." 

"I feel like you really get my business." 

"You caught things I didn't know!"

Free Consultations!

★ Startup Branding. 
★ Established Company re-branding
★ A Corporate or Marketing Crisis-Mode-Problem-Solver
★ Turn Reactive Marketing to Strategic Marketing 
★ Strategy-building (Who to market to, what to say, and where to put it.)
★ Tactical Implementer (Marketing) 

  • Set up marketing automation (Act-On, Pardot, Hubspot, MailChimp)
  • Content writing, from PR, to Web pages, to blog posts, to SoMe
  • Design, from 30-foot banners to web pages to collateral, to logos

★ Re-brand an organization in crisis mode (reorg, C Levels left?)
★ Content and design that produces results (What is SEO and SEM anyway?)
★ Brand Recognition
★ Top of mind strategies
★ Grow revenue


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What Results Have I Had in the Past?
And What Results Could I Achieve for You?

  • Re-branding initiative and market positioning – Established company (survivor of an executive mass exodus) as an industry leader, brought brand from regional to national name recognition.
  • Make Your Website More Effective  Revamped four company websites (WordPress) – SEO, SEM. Outbound focus. Increased web traffic from 4,300 visits a month to over 7,000.
  • Get You Noticed with Outbound Campaigns – MailChimp/Constant Contact/Campaign Monitor – Standardized branding, achieved open rates from 22-60% and click rates from 3%-8%.
  • Get You Seen On Social!  Leveraged social media to improve traffic; Increased Facebook followers from 40 to 422, Twitter from 100 to 929, and LinkedIn from 22 to 1043.
  • Improve Event Traffic/Update That Booth  Increased show traffic by redesigning look/brand, layout, graphics (using existing infrastructure), and placement.
    • Responsible for regional and international show presences and coordinated booth builds from 10 x 10 to 40 x 40 as well as a "build and burn" in Hong Kong to reduce costs.
  • Get You Out and Seen! – Roadshows/Seminars; Conducted 50-city, international demo tour of new technology and averaged 63 pp per site.  
    • Organized US-city, six-week recruiting tour that averaged 34 people per site.  

How can I help you?  Email me.